Semi-Private Personal Training

Train in a group of 2-4 and get pro guidance and motivation while saving money.

Training with our small group training program reduces your costs substantially when compared with private training. With the careful group selection process there is actually extra motivation and energy, as well as the potential for improved results.

You can bring together your own group of two to four people, or Doug Jackson will match you with other exercisers at a similar fitness level and similar fitness goals.

If you are ready to get started with semi-private personal training or simply want to talk to Doug about the program (whether you have partners already in mind or not) fill out the Consultation Request Form below.

If you are considering semi-private, you may also be interested in our proprietary circuit training system

If you are not ready to schedule a short initial telephone consultation, but want to learn more about our services, scroll to the bottom of this page for a special offer just for you.

Not Ready to Schedule a Consultation but want to learn more?

While we don't practice the "old school" way of health club sales, we understand that sometimes people are hesitant to schedule a consultation for fear that they'll be given a sales pitch. If that sounds like you, we have a guaranteed no-risk, no-pressure option created for you.

Doug has created a special audio CD interview where he discusses the keys to getting people fit. If you are a South Florida resident interested in our services, we'll be happy to ship you the CD immediately. That way, you'll learn more about the keys to getting fit before you ever have to step into our facility.

If this is something you'd like to take advantage of, simply fill out the form below:

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