Plantation, FL and Weston, FL Golfers:

“Shave 2 strokes off your next game of Golf by exercising those particular muscles responsible for your Golf swing”

Dear friend,

Neither Tom Bowler or I are great golfers. However, we are the leading golf conditioning experts on the west side of Broward county.

We've worked with dozens of golfers and are always thrilled (and slighly amazed) when we hear how quickly their golf games begin improving once they start our golf-specific conditioning program.

We're developing some new golf conditioning systems to implement at our private studio on the west side of Plantation. However, after receiving several requests, we'vd decided to offer South Florida golfers a complimentary copy of our Golf Conditioning Quick Start Guide.

We're currently putting the final touches on this guide, but I invite you to sign up on the Early Bird List so we can send you a special link where you can download the guide for FREE as soon as it's completed.

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Doug Jackson, M.Ed.,CSCS

Tom Bowler, B.S.,CSCS

Authors of the Golf Conditioning Quick Start Guide

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